As a Midwife, Tiffany knows that Midwifery care is not always accessible to all families. With the limitations of insurance coverage to the limitations of family funds, Midwifery is not always attainable. Every family should have access to Midwives,care providers, Labor Doula, childbirth preparation courses, lactation support/classes, postpartum support groups and family centered care of their choice.

Why Midwifery Care?

Midwifery care is impacting and changing the outcomes across the U.S., providing low cost, high quality care where it might not otherwise exist. Studies consistently show that midwifery care reduces hospital interventions like c-sections, and lowers infant and maternal mortality rates among low-income and vulnerable populations. 

Studies show us that 90% of U.S. women can have an unmedicated, vaginal childbirth. For low-risk pregnancies, that number is even higher.
And yet, modern medicine has convinced us otherwise. Over 80% of U.S. women are medicated during childbirth. Birth has become a medical condition instead of a natural biological process.

Women of color are also disproportionately impacted by the high c-section rate in the U.S., which rose from 4.5 percent of all births in 1965 to 33 percent of all births today, in sharp contrast to the World Health Organization’s recommendation that c-section rates not exceed 10 percent. High c-section rates contribute to increased rates of premature birth, low birth weight infants and rising healthcare costs (birth-related hospital costs totaled above $98 billion by 2015).

It doesn’t have to be this way. The Birth Foundations mission and passion is to educate, empower and make a difference in the maternal & fetal outcomes within our community. 

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Tiffany Gallo CPM, LM


Midwifery Care

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