The Birth Foundation
Birthing with Integrity, Respect, Trust and Honor


How will my Donations be used?

-Quarterly, TBF will offer free of cost Midwifery care to a qualified family

-Birth Doula Services for Military families, Teen parents and qualified families in need

-Postpartum Doula Services for Military families Teen parents and qualified families in need

-Chiropractic Care offered for Military families Teen parents and qualified families in need

-Each Childbirth Series offered will allow for qualified families to attend free of charge

-Free of charge Breastfeeding courses will be available to qualified parents 

-Free Essential Oil classes to learn more about holistic alternative methods of health care

-Birth kits purchased for families qualified under the Midwifery care program

-Supplies to create folders, handouts and educational needs for Childbirth Education courses

-Supplies to create Breastfeeding handouts and educational needs

-Visual Aids for all educational courses offered (Videos, models, charts)

​-Support group facilitators

-Guest Speakers for specific courses offered

-Facility costs for births, classes and utilities

-Administration of the foundation

How much does this cost?..........

Average cost of Maternal services in Los Angeles

Midwifery Care(prenatal care, delivery & postpartum care) $5000-$6000 per family

Childbirth Education Series $250-$375 per family

Breastfeeding Education $50-$80

Doula Services $500-$2000 per family/per birth (price varies depending on experience)

Postpartum Services $20-$40 hourly (price varies depending on experience)

​Lactation Consultation with an IBCLC $150-$175 1st visit, $100 follow up visit

Support groups $5-$15 per class per attendee 

​Postpartum Mood Disorder Support $150+ per session

Birth Kit for families $60-$90 per birth

Birth Tub rental $200-$250 per birth

Placenta Encapsulation $200-$300