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Funds raised will be used immediately to make the following possible:

*Midwifery Services for qualified families

*A community room to provide in need families,   free Childbirth and Postpartum Education.

*Breastfeeding classes, free support groups, and community gatherings.

*Furnishings for the center that will serve qualified families.

*Support costs of facility operations and staff


As a Midwife, Tiffany knows that Midwifery care is not always accessible to all families. With the limitations of insurance coverage to the limitations of family funds, Midwifery is not always attainable.

Midwifery Care, Birth Doulas and Postpartum Doulas are viewed to many as a luxury. Many families don't have the funds or ability to access this additional support during their pregnancy and postpartum. This may be due to social economic factors, however we understand this needs to change.

The Birth Foundation will facilitate this change! 

Teen mothers are extremely close to Tiffany's heart. Tiffany Gallo was a teen mother at the age of 18. She felt empowered and educated by her natural birth oriented mother and community around her, and she wishes the same for all other teen parents. The transition into becoming a teenage parent can be a difficult. The resources we provide will enable us to support, empower and educate teen parents. The Birth Foundation will offer Childbirth resources for teens in a family centered loving environment, free of judgement and full of love and integrity. 

Study after study supports us in the belief that Midwifery care and out-of-hospital births for low risk women are as safe or safer than a hospital birth.

Studies also show us that women who birthed with the support of a Doula (in a hospital setting) result in a lower cesarean rate, lower intervention rate, lower induction rate, and higher levels of satisfaction in their birth experience. 

Studies show that Postpartum Doulas help to reduce cases of Postpartum Mood disorders and support early infant-parent bonding relationships.

The Birth Foundation will review all applications sent to our office. Together the foundation members will elect families to receive free of charge services. Depending on the services and funds available, decisions are made monthly or quarterly.  If the family agrees; updates, pictures and stories following their journey will be shared on this website. Applications are sent individually once the applicant has contacted us.  

Support us now in changing the world, one birth, one family at a time!

Debbi Osterkamp

Director of Fundraising

Labor Doula

Bereavement Doula



The Birth Foundation is an organization of Midwives, Labor Doulas, Postpartum professionals and local community members supporting the rights of parents to have access to Midwives and Doulas to support and encourage healthy childbirth experiences. 



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